Friday, May 31, 2013

It Came in the Mail

You know that thing that I do?  Where internally I'm ultra-geeky, but to the external world I'm cool and suave and totally happening?

Something arrived in the mail today that may put a damper on my carefully crafted exterior persona.

I ordered it from Etsy.

It came from China.

Wrapped... like... this.

 The kids were a little surprised by this.  Especially by the little bow.

 But what could be inside?  Off went the lid.

 Off went the carefully cut and placed top padding.

Out came a totally cool hand-crafted Aquaman iPhone case.

That's right, now everyone might tumble to the fact that my passions lie in the less-than-mainstream.

Oh well.  The secret is out.



  1. How in the world did you find this!! It's perfect, I just wish I had found it and bought it for you!! DixiegirlinVT

  2. sooooo funny!!! I LOVE that it came in a pink box with a little bow!! soooo funny!

  3. Maybe they sent it in a pink box with a bow because the Chinese guy who made it for you is a Sub-Mariner fan? He always seemed to have an Asian quality about him with those eyes and eyebrows...

  4. II saw this on Etsy and am thinking of ordering it. Did you go with the plastic or the rubber (hard to tell from the picture)?

    1. Plastic. It's a smooth plastic case.