Friday, May 24, 2013

Missed Legion Comic of 1982

It was August of 1982 when I made one of my first, clear, comic buying mistakes.

I didn't pick up this:

Which, as all Lifelong Loyal Legion fans know, is a MAJOR issue in which a MAJOR plot twist is revealed:

Instead I picked up this:

And this:

Back then, I only steadily collected four titles. Justice League of America, New Teen Titans, All-Star Squadron, and Legion of Super-Heroes.

My allowance was limited, I was twelve, about to turn thirteen. Steady trips to the comic racks were still a few years off. The two bucks I had clutched in my fist while staring at the comic rack in the Safeway while my mother shopped for groceries was simply not enough. I had to buy the Justice League, and then the All-Star Squadron because they crossed over. And I had to hope that I would get the chance to be back again with more money before the Legion issue sold out.

But then.. much to my chagrin, the next Legion book I saw on the stands was this:

Which blows the reveal from last issue right there on the cover. AND.. to add insult to injury, it was a full dollar! Way out of my price range. I couldn't get that one either.

It wasn't until some years later that I completed the holes in my collection... and my soul. To my great shame. I can only say I read MOST of the Great Darkness Saga off the newsstands when they came out.

Will other Legion fans forgive me?


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