Monday, May 20, 2013

Preserving the Past Part II; Christmas Photo Album from 1974

I've begun the nerve-wracking process of removing photos from my Grandmom's photo albums for scanning.  It's got me a little on edge.  The photos are stuck in there good.

Of the albums, what I've posted today has been my favorite so far.  It's so well commented out and reads more like a picture book than a photo album.  I don't know if it was my Grandmom who put it together, because a lot of this looks like my mother.  Including the hand drawn holly berry leaves at the top of page one.

We have some family movies from back during these days, but I haven't seen still pictures of this particular era in quite awhile.  And having the running commentary adds a new dimension to the whole thing.

What's interesting here is that I'm still just a normal guy.  No obsessive hobbies to awkwardly define my personality.  I'm a five year old who apparently loves Scooby-Doo, Star Trek, super-heroes, and Viewmaster.  But ultimately, just a five-year-old boy.

And I had long since forgotten all about that toy camping set.  The memories flooded back as soon as I saw it.



  1. Wow!! That's my handwriting for sure!! What a flashback. We must have made a duplicate album for your grandparents. Love your haircut :)

  2. Chuck you're such a camper!

  3. Normal guy no obsessive hobbies??????????????? LOL you're as narcissistic and obsessive as they come

  4. And you apparently inspire stalkers. :-)

  5. And you apparently inspire stalkers. :-)

  6. And you smell bad.